Running my way through life. inspired and ready to take on what comes my way. high school cross country and track.
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"You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are."
Amy Poehler  (via miss-isabel)

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"Runners have an unspoken bond that’s unmatched in any other sport. We’re trusting of complete strangers. In every other group I’ve joined in my life, trust is earned gradually—it has to be proven. With most runners I’ve met, trust is assumed. We support each other immediately and without hesitation."
How to Protect Yourself Around Negative People


1. Ground yourself, and firm up your boundaries, so you don’t get drawn into their negativity. Otherwise they’ll drain all your energy.

2. Protect yourself. Imagine there’s a bubble separating you from them so they can’t get close and infect you with their mood.

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Nike Running
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Vandy’s XC Team hill repeats
"Running has taught me that we are capable of doing more than we ever imagined, that we can overcome huge obstacles, and that consistency pays off! Running is my sanity and my sanctuary."
Amy Peavy-Smith, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week (via fit-runner)

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Love is selfless.
If your significant other keeps doing things over and over that you told them you are not comfortable with, they aren’t loving you. So please, either change things in your relationship or leave. If they don’t hold themselves back for you, they aren’t your prince or princess that you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

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Never forget that you are allowed to question authority if they are doing something you are not comfortable with or do not understand.

It’s called critical thinking. Don’t be afraid to question the world. Just do it respectfully.

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"That’s the beauty of starting lines: Until you begin a new venture, you never know what awaits you."
Amby Burfoot (via runningonoatmeal)

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I Love Runners


Why do I love runners?

Because the fastest of you stay after you finish to cheer on the rest of us.

Because you encourage the person who just started.

Because you treat this solitary event as a team sport where I am the star athlete.

Runners support each other like no other.

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"If you ever find yourself alone on the course, don’t go at your comfortable race pace. Chances are that another runner is not too far behind you. Instead of waiting for them to catch up, lengthen your stride and catch the person ahead of yourself. Don’t be the mouse; be the cat."
Coach Felt (via emuzykai)

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"Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever."

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